Midland Dachshund Club 2014

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Judge: Susan Holt (Waldmeister)

BEST OF BREED :  ROSE Ch Ridanflight Ricardo 
Dog CC : ROSE  Ch Ridanflight Ricardo 
Res Dog CC :  HUNT Earthsea Billy the Kid
Bitch CC :  MOBLEY Jakanem What You Will 
Res Bitch CC : SHONE Hanishan Eau Classique 
Best Puppy : MOBLEY Jakanem What You Will 

Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: FLOWERS & SODERBERG Baltiskiy Talisman Indiana Jones (Imp Rus)
2nd:HOWELLS Fallowmill Pochard
3rd: MORRIS Pennywave Swagman

Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: HUNT Earthsea's Billy The Kid 
2nd: FLOWERS & SODERBERG Baltiskiy Talisman Indiana Jones (Imp Rus)
3rd: WHITEHOUSE Baltiskiy Talisman Idealny Vybor (Imp Rus)
Res: SMITH Alpheratz Ulises (Imp Esp)

Junior Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st:  KENT Barratini Teddyboy at Lokmadi
2nd: SMITH Alpheratz Ulises (Imp Esp)

Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 0 
1st: MARSTON TEAL Lordscairnie Moment of Love
2nd: MILLER Palsuz Basil

Limit Dog (4 Entries)
1st: SHONE Hanishan Bezique
2nd: FULTON Brookliad Sir Agravvaine at Bothlyn
3rd:  HAYWARD Foxearth Fiddler on the Roof
Res:  HAYWARD Taree Scoville at Wirefusion

Open Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st:  ROSE Ch Ridanflight Ricardo 
2nd: FULTON Ch Bothlyn Brigadoon
3rd: PHILLIPS Ch Curtisey Boogy Woogy JW
Res: SHONE Marajo Krinkle

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: PRICE Samlane Belleza 
2nd: FULTON Bothlyn Pretty Penny
3rd: FLOWERS Bingobongo's Felliciana
Res: HOWELLS Fallowmill Carolina
VHC: SHONE Kalhoun Spring Sunshine

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  MOBLEY Jakanem What You Will
2nd: FLOWERS Bingobongo's Felliciana 
3rd: WALKER Roselle Irenee
Res: FRANKS Lordscairnie Posh Love

Junior Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:KIRKWOOD Helydon Fabulous Freya
2nd:RUSSELL Russteck I Dreamed A Dream  
3rd: MEREDITH Deepdax Perrie
Res: ROSE Ridanflight Remember Me
VHC: SELLEY Ubu Crackling Rose for Heleanne

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries) Abs 1
1st: JONES Bimini From Russia with Love 
2nd: ORAM Fallowmill on the Spot at Rosswell
3rd: WHITEHOUSE Rioban Faberge
Res: MORRIS Banburg Black Opal at Stargang
VHC: HUNT Earthsea Dark Sorcery

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HOWELLS  Fallowmill On The Button JW Sh.CM
2nd: MORRIS Stargang Quintina at Pennywave 
3rd: GRANT Granhoward Jessie
Res: MARSTON TEAL Lordscairnie Rhythm of Love
VHC: HAYWARD Foxearth Fatma Salkan

Open Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: SHONE Hanishan Eau Classique
2nd: DAYKIN Barratini Hot Gossip 
3rd: ADDOO Reulemill Freya Fraywood
Res: WHITEHOUSE Alshtadt Nezhenka 
VHC: KIRKWOOD Helydon Caledonian Cracker