Midland Dachshund 2018

Dachshund (Wire-haired)

Judge: Mrs Janet Kay


BEST OF BREED :  HUTCHINGS Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach JW 
Dog CC : WHARTON, & PUGHE Ch Derochaise Black Tarquin 
Res Dog CC : WHARTON  Greyhayne Hooray Henry 

Best Puppy Dog : MCCALMONT Silvae Trader 
Bitch CC :  HUTCHINGS Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach JW 
Res Bitch CC :  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Solo

Best Puppy Bitch : MCCALMONT Silvae Trademark
Best Puppy : MCCALMONT Silvae Trademark & Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : MAE-JONES & BATES Ch Derochaise Black Orchid

Veteran Dog 
1st: No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog 
1st: No Entries

Puppy Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Trader 
2nd: MAES-JONES, & BATES Derochaise Manhatton 
3rd: STOCKDALE Derochaise Monterey At Fenwires 
Res: NORMAN Silvae Trade Name 

Junior Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: WHARTON Greyhayne Hooray Henry 
2nd: ADAMS Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip JW 
3rd: FITCHES Derochaise Master Design 
Res: WARREN Waggington Manhatten Of Wagsford  

Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: VIG  Q-rrens-dax Enzo Topazo
2nd: HOWE  Kissdachs Bilbao At Bramalodge 

Limit Dog (11 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: MOORE Cloudside Picasso
2nd: NORTH-ROW, & NORTH-ROW Tendrow One More Time Barmaud 
3rd: GIBSON Allfreys London Look
Res: VINE Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine 
VHC: MAES-JONES & BATES  Derochaise Versace JW 

Open Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: WHARTON, & PUGHE Ch Derochaise Black Tarquin 
2nd: MCCALMONT Silvae Kinsman 
3rd: GIBSON Allfrey's Here's Lookin at You
Res: COVERLEY Ch & Ir Ch Aventine Jamaica Inn 
VHC: MAXWELL Bardrestan Quantum Leap 

Champion Dog (1 Entry)
1st: SEATH Ch Zlowfox AV Larhjelm at Sunsong (Imp Nor)

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: MAE-JONES & BATES Ch Derochaise Black Orchid
2nd: COVERLEY Ch & Ir Ch Aventine Shaken Not Stirred 

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: NORTH-ROW & MARTIN Full Circle Barmaud Florence

Puppy Bitch  (6 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Trademark 
2nd: SEATH Sunsong Keep A Promise 
3rd: COURT Derochaise Mariposa (Imp) 
Res: GIBSON Allfreys Helena
VHC: VINE Cishelvine Can't Catch Me

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: PHILLIPS Cloudside Quintessence at Clipperdown
2nd: PUGHE & FRASER Ambiesque Ascertain At Bystock 
3rd: HOWE Bramalodge Betsy Button 
Res: CHAMBERS Hototo's Lizzy of Pemberley
VHC: WHELDON & EARL Salixian Magie Noire

Post Graduate Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: CHAMBERS Tendrow Black Pearl With Hototo 
2nd: ARTHURS Tendrow I Am Legend With Elderkine 
3rd: PRIOR COOPER Silvae Keynote
Res: RYDER  Sonic Chianti To Jaskar 

Limit Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 3 
1st: HUTCHINGS Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach JW
2nd: ROWE Boloria's Tirck or Treat JW
3rd: DAVIES Pendyffren Miss Dolce By Atahira 
Res: MAES-JONES & BATES  Derochaise Elusia JW 
VHC: VINE Cishelvine Just An Enigma 

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Solo 
2nd: SEATH & HJELMTVEDT Norw Ch Gando av Larhjelm (Imp) 
3rd: ROWE Boloria's Tiger Lily
Res: VINE Cishelvine Just This Once 

Champion Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: WARREN Ch Wagsford Jennifer 


The Midland Dachshund Club Championship Show Saturday 24th July 2018 held in conjunction with the Hound Association at Stafford Agricultural Show ground

Thank you to all exhibitors and committee for a lovely day. Being indoors had some draw backs and some positives with the windows and doors open it generally had a through breeze that made it more comfortable for the dogs and humans alike. To see the dogs free stand is a pleasure and gives the natural stance and shape. I found some dogs with misplaced teeth and heavily boned exhibits which made them look cloddy. On the plus side most dogs were in well toned condition with strong easily seen feet and short nails. I felt very spoilt for choice today.


Puppy Dog.

1. McCalmont - Silvae Trader - Smart brindle young man Lovely hound head with almond eyes well filled chest and good ground clearance lovely length of neck well laid shoulders and good hind angulation need a little more time to firm up

2. Maes-Jones – Derochaise Manhatton B/T boy not the same fill of chest. Nicely laid shoulders and well sprung ribs moved well

3. Stockdale – Derochaise Monterrey at Fenwires


Junior Dog

1. Wharton – Greyhayne Hooray Henry – Breed type head conical in shape giving almond shape dark eyes, clean full front with close fitting elbows, good depth and length to ribbing, firm in topline, enough bone and strong broad deep feet he moved out soundly. Finished with a lovely harsh coat and well muscled condition. RCC.

2. Adams - Wyldetarn Shoot from the Hip JW – Pleasing forechest full and capacious nicely shaped eye long muscular neck ample bone, firm topline at times carried his tail a little high at times.

3. Fitches - Derochaise Master Design


Post Graduate Dog

1. Vig – Q-rrens-Dax Enzo-Topazo – Brindle jacket pleasing hound head shoulder lay could be better well muscled through-out.

2. Howe – Kissdachs Bilbo at Bramalodge – Finding 2 shows in one day too much. Bright alert dark eyes well furnished head, beard and eyebrows the better harsh jacket lovely filled chest and keel a little difficult to assess on the move.


Limit Dog

1. Moore – Cloudside Picasso – A big lad, bags of bone and ample ground clearance. Plenty of furnishings and full beard almond eye long strong neck into shoulder angles equally matched by hind angulation he moved with purpose.

2. North-Row – Tendrow One More Time Barmaud - Lots to like about this red boy although he was carrying a little extra today which gave him his place. Well groomed out with harsh red jacket tight broad feet and well angled shoulders ample spring of ribs and strong loin he moved with a free positive stride.

3. Gibson – Allfreys London Look


Open Dog

1. Wharton & Pughe – Ch Derochaise Black Tarquin – This young man is in his prime he was perfectly presented with no fluffy bits to accentuate or hide anything. He took everything in his stride. Lovely houndy head, dark almond shaped eye giving the required intelligent, courageous look. Strong long neck into well laid shoulders suitably sprung ribs extending correctly back muscular loin and matching hind angles he stood on tight well knuckled feet and demanded attention spirited and intelligent. On the move he was free and powerful covering the ground with ease CC.

2. McCalmont – Silvae Kinsman – this young man has time to mature both mentally and physically. Typical hound head conical in shape enough stop, well furnished eyebrows and beard. Prominent keel when not paying attention stood close infront. Well muscled throughout. Excellent harsh jacket on the move he was powerful and keen to get on.

3. Gibson – Allfreys Here’s Lookin at You.


Champion Dog

1. Seath – Ch Zlowfox Av Larhjelm at Sunsong (Imp Nor) – A worthy champion that was in for consideration. Reaching length of neck sound shoulders firm topline shown in well toned condition with full round hind. He moved with assured confidence.


Veteran Bitch

1. Maes-Jones - Ch Derochaise Black Orchid – One I have admired from ring side before she belies her age. A gentle intelligent eye that has seen everything enough furnishings full strong scissor bite, oval chest in keeping with well sprung ribs strong loin and round well muscled rump which she used on the move. She strode out with a sound positive action and a credit to her family.

2. Coverley – Ch/Ir Ch Aventine Shaken Not Stirred – Another lady I’ve enjoyed watching. Strong, prominent chest well sprung ribs, not as positive on the move as one today.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1. North Row & Martin – Full circle Barmaud Florence RAF – Exciting young puppy lovely chest with good forechest well laid shoulders and depth of chest ample ribbing matching hind quarters still loose on the move but plenty of time.


Puppy Bitch

1. McCalmont – Silvae Trademark –At the older end of puppy and more mature although still needing time to finish filling out for her age she is at a good stage of development. Lovely length of neck firm topline well angulated hind quarters. Positive on the move finished with an excellent harsh jacket. Puppies change places regularly, the future is bright. BP

2. Seath – Sunsong Keep a Promise – At the younger end of age range with lots of promise. Good almond shape eye dark in colour well laid shoulders topline not quite as firm oodles to like about her.

3. Court - Derochaise Mariposa.


Junior Bitch

1. Phillips – Cloudside Quintessence at Clipperdown – Well filled chest oval and deep well boned throughout full round hind which gave her a driving powerful gait. Super jacket.

2. Pugh & Fraser – Ambiesque Ascertain at Bystock well turned out. Feminine head and expression nicely laid shoulders adequately sprung ribs not the forechest of 1 still time to mature.

3. Howe – Bramalodge Betsy Button.


Post Graduate Bitch

1. Chambers – Tendrow Black Pearl with Hototo very smart B/T Lovely hound head conical in shape which keeps the almond eye, dark and intelligent in expression. Prominent keel oval chest tight elbows firm topline lovely rounded hind quarters. She moved with great confidence and showmanship.

2. Chambers – Tendrow I am Legend with Elderkine – from the same stud dog and you can see his stamp. Full chest ample depth of chest and well ribbed back strong tight feet not quite the same developed hind of one.

3. Prior Cooper – Silvae Keynote.


Limit Bitch

Best class of the day – 1. Hutchins – Tendrow I’m the One from Collidach – Feminine head beautifully shaped dark eyes strong jaws and well furnished beard and eyebrows long neck into shoulders dimples to forechest which was deep and full well ribbed back strong loin and firm topline rounded rump full of muscle. She moved on tight broad feet and was at one with her handler. To finish she had a quality harsh wire jacket BCC BoB.

2. Rowe – Boloria’s Trick or Treat JW another lovely bitch more compact than 1 good firm topline on the move.

3. Davies – Pendyffryn Miss Dolce by Atahira.


Open Bitch

1. McCalmont – Silvae Solo – Much to admire about this girl super harsh jacket full oval chest long neck into shoulders strong loin and well rounded rump she moved with a positive stride. In the challenge her handler was unsettled which the bitch picked up on RCC.

2. Seath & Hjelmtvedt – Nor Ch Gando Av Larhjelm (Imp Nor) Worthy of her title and pushed hard slightly more compact lovely full chest and long neck.


Champion Bitch

1. Warren - Ch Wagsfrod Jennifer – Feminine expression from dark eyes good length of neck into well laid shoulders flowing topline sufficient ground clearance and tight well padded feet.


Judge Janet Kay.